Thanjavur Information and Tanjore Temple

      Thanjavur properly situated in the Cauvery delta is the rice – bowel of Tami Nadu.  A fertile land that was also fertile for art, architecture and culture.  Though it was a famous city from early times, its importance was fully understood only by the later Cholas (AD 846 – 1276) who built an empire making it their capital. It was Vijayalaya who founded the later Chola Kingdom here and Rajaraja the Great (AD 984 – 1014) and his son Rajendra I (AD 1012 - 1044) were the real architects of the Chola empire that held sway over India upto the Ganges in the north and held colonies in Myanmar, Malaya and the East Indies.

       Tanjore became the centre of Tamil learning and culture.  It became the orginal home of Dravidian art and architecture besides being the centre of Tamil classical dance which is now known as Bharatha Natyam all over world.  Even today, the teachers of Bharatha Natyam hail from Tanjore.  Its further glory is the Carnatic music which is essence is nothing but classical Tamil music.  The only remains of its glorious past are the beautiful temples that were built by the Cholas known for their amazing architectural wonder, and not less than 74 of them are around Thanjavur itself.  The Pandyas, the Nayaks and the Marathas ruled the city after the later Cholas and finally the British made it a district. 

Thanjavur (Tanjore) became a major townduring the rule of the Chola Kings from the 11th to the 14th Century. Apart form rising to glory this place became a great seat of learning and culture. The town, Thanjavur, is the head-quarters of the District. One special landmark of Thanjavur is, this place is known as the Rice Bowl of Tamilnadu State and Rice is transported throughout the country as well as exported else where.

Tanjore General Information

The total land area of the District is 3397 square kilometers. The population is 2216138 during the census on 2001. The district receives an annual rainfall of 1008.8 millimetres. The climate is moderate with a maximum of 36 degree Celsius and a minimum of 22.8 degree Celsius. Thanjavur is close to Tiruchirappalli of just an hour’s travel with 56 kilometres between the towns. The town is properly led with good rod and railway transport facilities. The nearest airport is in Tiruchirappalli.

Tanjore Temple or Brihadeeswarar Temple

Tanjore temple is also called as Peruvudaiyar Koil in Tamil.  It is an ancient Hindu temple located at Tanjore.  Raja Raja Chola built this ancient temple in 10th century.  The vimana of this temple is about 65m (215 ft) high and it is the tallest tower in south Asia.  The vimana of the temple never casts a shadow at noon during any period of the year.  We can see the gigantic statue of Nandi the Bull guarding the inner shrine of the temple.  The Brahadeswara temple is an UNESCO world heritage monument.

Thanjavur Royal Palace

Thanjavur place is located on the east main street in a series of large and rambling buildings of fine masonry.  This palace was built partly by the Nayaks around 1532-1675 and partly by the Marathas 1676 - 1855.  The entrance of this Palace is by way of a large quadrangular courtyard. Madamaligai is the tower, which rises from the palace roof beyond the goodagopuram.  This palace has six storeys. We can see the blue whale skeleton on the upstairs of this palace.  This palace has lot of art and architectural statues.  It has lot of bronze statues also.

How to Reach Thanjavur

Thanjavur is the headquarters of Thanjavur district.  It is about 322km from Chennai.  Thanjavur is connected with Chennai-Trichy Rail route.  The Big Temple is about 1.5km from the railway station.  Tiruchirappalli airport is about 60km from Thanjavur.  Buses connect Trichy and other nearby cities.

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Thanjavur Photos

Thanjavur Temple Gopuram Photo
Tanjore Palace Photo
Tanjore Gopuram Sculpture Photo
Thanjavur Temple Gopuram Photo
Thanjavur Temple Photo
Tanjore Gopuram with Garudan
Thanjavur Temple Gopuram Elephant Elephant Sculpture Photo
Tanjore Horse Sculpture Photo
Tanjore Gopuram Sculpture Photo
Thanjavur Ganesha statue Photo