Thanjavur Tourism

Thanjavur is one of the important Tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu. It has lot of lot of tourist places they are Manora, Archeological Museum, Tamil University Museum, Saraswathi Mahal Library, Sivaganga Garden, Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram Mani Mandapam, RajaRajan Memorial Hall, Tanjore Paintings etc.


This is an eight storied victory tower. This tower was built by the great Maratha King Serfoji. It was built in the year 1814, to praise and honour the victory of the British over Napoleon Bonaparte at the battlefield named Waterloo. The name Manora is derived form the word Minaret which means a small tower.


In this museum there are very precious and interesting sculptures preserved in it.


In this museum, the coins and musical instruments used by the ancient rulers, musicians and people are preserved in it.


The ancient palm leaves and paper manuscripts are preserved in this Library. This Library was established around 1700 and contains 44000 manuscripts. There are 4500 foreign books autographed by Kings and Scholars. Nearly eighty percent of the manuscripts are in Sanskrit language. Some are very rare and unique. The Tamil works are of treatises on medicine and commentaries on the ancient Tamil works.


This is a very beautiful park and is located on the North of the Big Temple in Thanjavur. The park contains many good varieties of colourful flowers, birds and animals too.


Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram, a poet was born on 13.04.1930. He wrote poems about the aspirations of the poor people. He had involved himself in many struggles of the farmers and worked for their development. He was a member of the Communist Party. He worked in 17 different professions ranging from agriculture to art. His memorial was built and opened on 13.12.1999, as a token of love and respect. This hall is located at Pattukottai and exactly in Muthupettai Salai. The hall contains his statue, life history and Photographs.


This memorial hall was built on the eve of the occasion of the World Tamil Conference, which took place in Thanjavur. This hall is decorated to a beautiful park.


Thanjavur paintings have got their own style of decorations. The paintings are done both on glass and on boards. In the paintings, the figures as well as the backdrop are richly decorated and painted with gold leaf and gems as ornaments. The painting on the boards is made by applying gesso (mixture of gypsum, plaster of paris and glue). The main theme is Krishna in various posing styles, but portrayals of other deities are also painted.