This place is located 34 kilometres away form Thanjavur. There is a temple in this place. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was built during the rule of the Raja Raja Chola II. Apart form this temple we can find a silk weaving centre in Darasuram.


In Mannargudi there is a Rajagopala temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. In this temple Lord Krishna is portrayed as Rajagopala. The temple is said to be built during the 12th century. The temple received its patronage from the Nayak Kings also.


The Sarabeshwarar temple is located in Thirupuvanam a place in Thanjavur district. Thirupuvanam is just six Kilometres from Kumbakonam. The Sarabeshwarar temple is said to be built by Kulothunga Chola III. It is said that many kings, lords and rulers worshipped the preceding Deity, Lord Sarabeshwarar and received his blessings. People who worshipped this deity got relieved from problems like Black Magic, Divorce and Enemity.


This temple is located more than half a kilometre on the Nagapattinam- Thiruvarur Main road. The exact location is Ramamirdam Bus Terminus. The temple is located in Vyagapuri village, named after Lord Nataraja. People believe that a sacred cow prayed to Lord Shiva to get rid of the wrath posed on it. In the evenings Lord Nataraja is worshipped first and then ceremonies are conducted to other Gods. This temple has another name, Dakshina Chidambaram. Chidambaram is the place where Nataraja temple is located.


This temple is located at a distance of 4 kilometres away from the Thanjavur town.


There are totally six abodes in Tamilnadu dedicated to Lord Muruga. Swamimalai is one among those six sacred abodes. The temple is located on a hill top which is 32 kilometres away from Thanjavur. Lord Muruga was named Swami Nathan because he taught OM to Lord Shiva in this abode. One has to climb 60 steps from the foot hill to reach the temple and these 60 steps of the temple refer to the 60 years in the Tamil Calendar. Arunagirinadhar has sung many songs in praise of this temple. On Thursdays Lord Swami Nathan’s statue is decorated with diamonds.


This temple is located in the centre of the village, Sooriyankovil. This village is located in Thiruvidamarudur Taluk. Thiruvidamarudur is 17 kilometres north-east of Kumbakonam. The temple in the village has the Sun as the worshipping Deity and many people come to this temple to worship the Sun God. In Thiruvidamarudur there is a Sri Mahalingaswamy Temple. It is believed that King Varagunapandian got rid of the Bhramahathi Dosham from this temple in Thiruvidamarudur.


The Thirubhuvanam temple is 45 kilometres away from Thanjavur. The temple was built during the reign of king Kulothunga Cholan. This temple is a replica of the one that is in Thanjavur, The Pragatheeswarar temple. The temple has got a great stone tomb which is a standing monument from the pedestal to the stripe. This is of architectural glory. The temple is full of stone inscriptions. This depicts that there existed a University for teaching courses in Miasma and Tamil.


This is a town, 13 kilometres form Thanjavur. This is the place where Saint Thyagaraja was born, grew, gained popularity and died. The name of the temple located here is Panchatheswara Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. An eight day music festival is conducted once in a year during the month of January. This music festival is held in honour of the great Legendary Saint Thyagaraja.


This Shiva temple stands near Kumbakonam. The shrine of Sweta Vinayakar in this temple is very popular. It is said that this shrine was made out of foam from the milky ocean known as Kheera Sagaram.


This temple is 4 kilometres away from Kumbakonam railway station. The other name for Lord Uppiliappan is Srinivasan. The deity is installed in the Sanctum. Goddess Bhooma Devi is kneeling and praying to Srinivasan on the right side. There are two temple ponds namely Ahorthra Pushkarini and Arthi Pushkarini. Lord Srinivasan is taken to procession in the chariots, Vishnu Vimanam and Sudhanandha Vimanam. The Prasad given here tastes salt less. The festivals celebrated in this temple are Thirukkalyanautchavam, Garuda Sevai and Moolavar Thirumanjam.